Requirements for a full-time or part-time position

  • Completed training in a field related to the intervention:

    Special Education:
    • Special Education Technique
    • Attestation of Collegial Studies in Special Education
    • Certificate of Intervention for Youth: Fundamentals and Practices - Bachelor of Psychoeducation
    • Bachelor of Sexology

    Social Work:
    • Social Work Technique
    • College studies in social work
    • Baccalaureate in social work

    Intervention in delinquency:
    • Technique of intervention in delinquency
    • Bachelor of Criminology

    In addition, the following degrees may also be relevant fields of study:
    • Bachelor of Psychology
    • Multidisciplinary Bachelor's degree consisting of three (3) of the following certificates:
      • Certificate in Psychology
      • Certificate in Criminology
      • Certificate in Addiction
      • Certificate in sexology
      • Certificate in psychosocial intervention
      • Certificate in autism spectrum disorder
      • Certificate in victimology
      • Certificate in mental health

  • Experience and / or internship in a field related to the intervention and to the target clientele.

  • First Aid and Valid CPR Training

  • Lack of Criminal History in Respect of Vulnerable Clients

  • For English-speaking resources, bilingualism is essential

Salary awarded by position or by training and experience



  • Stability: permanent position, stable hours, night shift and part time: springboard for day and evening shift

  • Clinical: accompanying record, clinical supervision, access to training, attendance at clinical meetings

  • Flexibility: working hours taking account of school hours

  • Other: meals provided day / evening when present

Recruitment Location:

Educational institutions, Journal See, trainee, candidate bank received by email, KIJIJI, employment center

Application Process

  • Letter of presentation with: availability, contractual resources or you wish to work and salary expectations
  • Curriculum vitae
  • E-mails


I imagine that when you chose to study and work in the area of counseling it was out of a desire to help. Because this desire to be an agent of change in the life of a person in difficulty was at the heart of your human and professional concerns.


If you want to help young people in great distress, your place is in our team. Make sure you have several professional and personal qualities before applying, because our environment is demanding. Must be :

  • Available;
  • Empathic;
  • Capable of listening, understanding and responding to their needs;
  • Capable of love, encouragement, admiration for them to develop a good self-esteem;
  • Able to help them to learn to name their feelings rather than to act on them;
  • Capable of firmness, coherence and consistency so that they learn to assume the consequences of their actions;
  • Able to set limits so that they build a moral conscience, that they acquire a personal discipline;
  • Supporting the development of skills and social networking;
  • An example so that they integrate values;
  • Helping them to develop their autonomy and empowerment;
  • Stimulating to develop skills through experimentation
  • Accompanist to develop power over their lives
  • Creative to develop their own
  • Energetic to have fun
  • Involved in their living environment so that they feel that they are important;
  • so much else that is called "savoir-être" in counseling
  • Are you serving the answer to their needs?
  • Are you aware of the needs of a hosting team?

If you answer yes, please send us your resume!

Lucie Canuel