What is an intermediate resource ?


As defined in section 302 of the Act respecting health services and social services: « An intermediate resource means any resource attached to a public institution that, in order to maintain or integrate a user with the community, provides them with accommodation, support and assistance services as required. »


Our four contractual resources for children are part of the Quebec Federation of Intermediate Youth Resources (QFIYR) , which was set up in 2000 and includes all regional youth intermediate resource associations across the province. At present, the FRIJQ represents a total of 108 intermediate resources. Since 2004, the FRIJQ has been recognized by the Ministry of Health and Social Services as a representative organization of Quebec's Intermediate Resources. The FRIJQ is the interlocutor of the Ministère with respect to the conditions for the exercise of the intermediate resource.


According to the Regulation respecting the classification of services provided by an intermediate resource and a family type resource (RSQ, C-S-4.2, ss. 303 and 314), a group residence and a supervised apartment must provide support services and assistance.


Common services are different in the case of a group residence or a supervised apartment. These services are explained under the tab describing the services offered in each model.


Special support or assistance services are the same for supervised apartments and group homes. They are identified by the instrument for the determination and classification of support and assistance services such as the following descriptors:

  • food
  • clothing
  • hygiene (body and hair)
  • hygiene (self care)
  • elimination
  • mobility (transfer)
  • mobility (displacement)
  • mobility (staircase)
  • conduct (pulse)
  • conduct (emotion)
  • conduct (relational capacity)
  • conduct (self-destructive behavior)
  • integration
  • independent living
  • physical (drugs)
  • Physics (care)
  • Appointment


In order to offer these particular services, the intermediate resources perform activities of varying intensity according to the needs of the user.